JuJu Cleanse (Juicing Diet)

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Once again I give you the famous JUJU . Here is another review on the JUJU but not “EATS” but the “JUICE”.

For those of you who wants to check out my review on the JUJU eats, here is the link http://spottedbybarbie.com/product-review/juju-eats/

Juju Cleanse (AKA Juicing Diet)

Again I would like to share with you why I love so much JUJU. They showed me how to cleanse and live a healthier life more. As Ive said in my JUJU eats review I’m a pescecetarian meaning a vegetarian who still incorporates seafood in my diet.  But I didnt know that you can lose more  weight and feel lighter and happier when you include cleansing in your everyday lives.

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I already bought the 3 day cleanse before I came in to their restaurant. You can read about the types of cleanse below.

Why Juju Cleanse?

There are several reasons why cleansing is important, but they all boil down to a common point: every once in a while we need to take out the trash.

Between everything we eat, the activities we lead, and the city we live in, we tend to accumulate toxins of all sorts. We store these toxins in places like our colon, lymph nodes and blood stream, and just like a bodega that isn’t’t cleaned regularly, the junk starts to accumulate. This “junk” blocks your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and, on the flip side, it makes it harder for your body to expel all the waste that it is producing. This eventually compromises your health and manifests in symptoms that you might not at first associate with your diet.

Another important thing to note is that our bodies function best when our interior environment, that is, our blood and tissues, are in an alkaline state (as opposed to acidic). A lot of the things that we eat are acidic, or acid forming, and nasties such as bacteria, yeast, uric acid crystals, fungus, and mold thrive in acidic environments It is the build up of these nasties that leads eventually to the development of disease.

In a nutshell, the Juju Cleanse program is designed to give your body a break, so that it can focus on digesting nutrients and flushing out the junk. It also promotes alkalinity in the body to reduce the foothold of the nasties.

So how do you start?

First: You need to choose your cleanse level (1 day cleanse or 3 day cleanse)

juju cleanse levels one two three


Whether you’re just poking your nose around in this unknown world of cleansing or it’s simply a time restriction that limits you to the 1-day cleanse, you need to know that your body thanks you for this break. This is the default cleanse duration and is easy enough that we recommend that you give the common Eastern practice of a one day a week, every week, cleanse a try. It’s the most manageable way to incorporate cleansing into your lifestyle while achieving astronomical benefits!


If you intend to do more than scratch the surface, and deeper lasting results are what you’re after, then the 3-day cleanse is the one for you. It gives your body enough time to truly assimilate all the incoming goodness down to the cellular level, as well as to purge and eliminate more of the nasty stuff that’s lodged in your system. If you want to take it step further then consider the 3-day cleanse a part of your monthly anti-aging, health, and beauty regimen.

Second: Order your cleanse

Juju Cleanse Instructions

  1. Completely fill in the order form.
  2. Press “Submit”.
  3. Wait for our confirmation email or text.
  4. Pay the amount due into our bank account.
  5. Fax or email us your proof of payment with your name on the deposit slip.
  6. Wait for our confirmation that we have received your payment and have scheduled your Juju Cleanse.
  7. Make sure that there is somebody home to receive your Juju Cleanse the night before it is scheduled to start.
  8. Make sure that the bottles are refrigerated right away.
  9. Get Cleansed!

I did a 3 day cleansing and will do a review on it next time:-) Anyway I was curious about JUJU eats and so I decided to visit their restaurant and saw that they are selling JUJU solos .



Order any of our cold-pressed drinks and use them as meal replacement, as a boost during your regular day, and especially for pre- and post-cleansing.

Juju cleanse drinking green bomb

Juju cleanse green bomb 2

Juju cleanse green bomb not too bad

Juju cleanse qcumber

Pls visit their website: http://jujucleanse.com/

Like their facebook Fan page https://www.facebook.com/JujuEats


Contact Number:

mobile: 0917-576-3012 (8AM – 7PM)
fax/phone: 478-3067.

Author: Barbie Lee

Taking the confusion out of makeup and how to apply makeup for everyday life. I will try and answer the common issues – How to wear makeup, Makeup tutorial, make up help, beauty, how to put makeup, and others.

Taking the confusion out of makeup and how to apply makeup for everyday life. I will try and answer the common issues - How to wear makeup, Makeup tutorial, make up help, beauty, how to put makeup, and others.

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