Tips on Taking Care of Your Skin

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I know all of us have been experienced of going to this after office big event  or weekend event but thinking of how we can beautify ourselves and Tips on Taking Care of Your Skin even on a tight budget. Cant even go to a facial salon because of the limited time after office hours? Then this blog post is for you. This will surely give you an overnight or even just for 15 -20 minutes that will give you a  surely a moisturized face after. Remember makeup adheres more to a moisturized face and so spare some 15 minutes of your time to do this routine and it will save you time during your  makeup application:)  Believe me even though I use OBAGI products, I badly need moisture on my face. That line will strip away the moisture on your face and will give you a slight peel to lighten the face.

Here  are the things I do to take Care of my Skin to have a super moisturized face without spending too much 🙂

Step 1 wash the face with mild cleanser or your preferred facial wash. (Not containing salycilic acid for it will strip out the moisture of the face to treat the acne or pimple)

Step 2 apply 2 tablespoon of plain yogurt on the the entire face and avoiding the under eye area.

Tip: choose a non fat yogurt .Full fat yogurt contains natural source of proteins,vitamins and minerals to nourish and provide instant hydration.

Tip 3 for Taking Care of Your Skin -  yougurt mask

Step 3 rinse it off with warm water then lit air dry

Step 4 put a moisturizing mask of your choice and leave it on for 15 minutes.

I got this mask on sale from Face Shop at Glorieta branch. It comes with this ampoules serum to be put first in the face before the actual sheet.



Tip for Taking Care of Your Skin -

Step 5 Don’t forget to moisturize the neck as well . I suggest go for heavy moisturizer to put it in your neck and apply it upwards.

tip: choose a cream type moisturizer for your neck. The neck is an extension of the face and needs attention, too. Let’s not spoil a beautiful facial complexion with a dry and rough neck.

Tip 5 for Taking Care of Your Skin - mosturise

Step 6 Last dont forget the lips it is still part of the skin. Apply your favorite lip balm or lip moisturizer.

Tip 6 for Taking Care of Your Skin - lips

The end result?

good morning!! ready to go for my photoshoot

Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin

Thank you The Skin House Laser And Beauty Clinic for getting me as your model.

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