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CHANEL Le Rouge Collection N1for Fall 2016 proves beyond a shadow of any doubt, that the colour redis just as easily wearable along the eyes as uponthe lips. Far from looking vampiric, theres a chic unexpected and oh-so-dangerous look to sporting this shade on ones peepers, enhancing your natural eye colour whileensuring no one can escape your gaze. Hows that for a hypnotic effect?

I have to add thatevery so often I receive a press package that includesthe most amazing extras (the tote bag above, the zippered folder seen in my previous post, the collections colour chips seen below and several other items as well) and when you factor the CHANEL effect in all that, well lets just say that muchswooning on my partwasdefinitelyinvolved.

CHANEL Le Rouge Collection - pica

The new Global Creative Designer forMakeup and Color at Chanel is Lucia Pica is she is bringing a cool new attitude to Chanel makeups.


Lucia Pica known for her talent as colourist and with her birthmark hands has really chosen by God to be part of one of the leading and big brands of makeup andcreated a line thatright away, it broke the red cardinal rule.

“I imagine Coco Chanel would have been pleased. To her, red was the ultimate sign of sensuality and femininity.”-Lucia Pica

Red, Red, Reds… The colour of red is not new in the makeup work.Red, the color of passion, love, sensuality, and, above all, femininity. But Lucia put the colour redat its most extreme you wouldn’t imagined would be created.

Here are five more reasons why you shouldincorporate red into your makeup look, according to Pica.


The Power Of Red

  1. IT UPS YOUR GLAMFACTOR – Red lipstick witha brown undertone hasa very sophisticatedfinish, says Pica. Its lesspoppy and bright, andmuch more glamorous.
  2. IT MAKES YOU LOOKLESS TIRED – Putting redon your cheekbonesdisguises dark circles.Sometimes when weretired we add more andmore concealer and itdoesnt work because itmakes you paler. But ifyou add a little red, youlook fresher.
  3. YOU WONT LOOK LIKEYOU HAVE PINK EYE – Putting red on youreyes actually brightensyour eyes and yourcomplexion. It doesntmake you look sickor tired. If you have hazel eyes with a bit of yellow and green in them, red eyeshadow makes your eyes brighter. Weve beentrying it on people ofmany colours, attitudesand hair colours, and itseems to be working.
  4. IT CAN BE TONED DOWN – If you suddenlyfeel like your redeyeshadow is toobright you can usetricks to disguise it:Mix it with dark chocolateor lighter brown,add a bronze pencil orblack mascara. You candecide the gradation ofthe red.
  5. IT LOOKS NATURAL – Your face naturally produces the colour red, so its interesting to bring it out in different places. Not only on the lips, but around the eyes, inside the eyes on the lash lines and on the cheeks.

Known for her talent as such an exceptional colourist wants us to put red on our face.! Are you kidding me? Red on my eyes? Now we’ll see about that.

Barbie Lee's CHANEL Le Rouge Collection

This is my first time to buy a quad eyeshadow and Illusion d’Ombre from Chanel. I am already aware of theirStylo Yeux eyeliner and let me tell you they are really waterproof!,but decided to buy some more from the collection of course. I wanted to complete the makeup look using the collection.

CHANEL Le Rouge Collection









How happy I am that I bought CHANEL Le Rouge Collection. I almost completed a collection from Chanel. If it weren’t sold out in mostcounters and even DUTY Free :-(. Look how beautiful this CHANEL Le Rouge Fall Collection made my eyes popped. Thats really and amazing quad. And OMG the styli jeux eyeliner”EROS” is to die for! I didn’t know that red eyeliner canmake brown eyes more beautiful. Too bad its a limited Collection:-(

Im really obsessed when makeup companies do a collaboration with a great colourist or painter. It means they really know what the true meaning of “COLORS” and “PIGMENTS”. Like the one I have bought from MAC. Anyway, Im so happy that Chanel’s new global designer for their makeup line is staying with them forever. It means more much awaited colors and collection to come from CHANEL.



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Taking the confusion out of makeup and how to apply makeup for everyday life. I will try and answer the common issues – How to wear makeup, Makeup tutorial, make up help, beauty, how to put makeup, and others.

Taking the confusion out of makeup and how to apply makeup for everyday life. I will try and answer the common issues - How to wear makeup, Makeup tutorial, make up help, beauty, how to put makeup, and others.

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