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I don’t like eating sweets. But sometimes when my body craves for one I make sure it’s sugar free and so I always check the back ingredients and nutritional value of the products.

Today I am sharing to you one of the best sugar treat for weight watchers like me. Not only this is healthy but its Maria Sharapova.

Maria Sharapova is a well known tennis star. The Russian tennis star Sharapova has her own line of candy called Sugarpova by Maria Sharapova. She takes candy to a new level with her premium line of candy reflecting the fun, fashionable and sweet side of life. I guess having a sweet tooth is no big deal if you are a fighting fit tennis player.

Sugarpova boasts a wide range.


Sugarpova (Quirky)– this chewy babies have a rainbow-coloured layer of sour candy and a marshmallow core. It takes some getting used to that chewiness, but you might as well get some sort of a workout while eating sugar.

Sugarpova (Sassy) – is filled with fruit- shaped gummy candies. The watermelon and lemon ones are especially good, and the banana ones do not taste too fake

But the ones that I really like are the sour versions. Especially the lime flavor tennis inspired  chewing gums.

SUGARPOVA by Maria Sharapova

SUGARPOVA by Maria Sharapova

Let’s check the nutritional value

SUGARPOVA by Maria Sharapova


Among the line this is my super uber favorite. And I bet even those other body conscious and sugar watchers  out there will also love this chewing gum. With only 20 calories per gum (quite bigger than a holen size) and 0g of Fat  OMG it’s surely a heaven sent! Eventhough this has 4g of Sugar but with the help of the lime flavor it will minimize the sugar craving after because of the tangy taste.  Plus with it cute design you will surely fall inlove with this, where on earth can you find a tennis ball shaped gum?

Side note:

A portion of sales from the Sugarpova collection will be donated to the Maria Sharapova Foundation that helps children across the world achieve their dreams.

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