Eating Healthy is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!

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I repeatedly gained and lost weight over the years, and continued my bad eating habits. Over time, I reached a point where I gained weight that I started having depressions. I had reached a pit and I had to do something.

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I diet but I eat to live a longer and more productive and healthy life.

How I Did It

I reached my ideal weight by eating healthy and exercising. There was no magic solution. I tried several diet and I could not maintain it. I finally settled by just being selective of what I eat. Now I am eating healthy my diet is composed of mostly fish, fruits and vegetables, so that I felt full on fewer calories. I was no longer hungry all the time. I stopped eating processed foods, and I threw out all the junk food from my house.

Maintaining the Weight Loss

I work my good habits into every day life. I often go out with friends and the places we go out to don’t normally offer healthful food choices, often right next to the fried chicken and bacon. It is possible to stick to a healthy program while not being too picky. It’s all about personal responsibility and personal choice — making the healthy choices, not the bad ones. By being selective of what i eat, I can eat a wide variety of dishes.

Here are some dishes that are really tasty that you wont believe that its good for our body:

Carb free Tuna Pasta

We all have serious love affair with pasta. Unfortunately, we rarely eat it like the Italians do—in small portions with light sauces—but in dinner plate–sized piles swimming in creamy or high-fat sauce. And the calories add up, sometimes to almost a full day’s worth, not to mention the off-the-chart amounts of sat fat and sodium many contain. And now I will show you a tasty super low in calorie tuna pasta.

Ingredients for Carb free Tuna Pasta :

  • cauliflower ( avoid for blood type O)
  • avoid garlic  ( avoid for blood type O)
  • 1/4 teaspoon of ginger powder
  • 1/2 can century tuna hot and spicy (56g) drained
  • 1/2 packet miracle noodles (you can buy these from healthy options)
  • 1 cup chopsuey

In a pan put the tuna  then the miracle noodles and chop suey. Lastly put a bit of ginger powder then stir. Cooking time (3 minutes)

Carb free Tuna Pasta
Carb free Tuna Pasta


Mapo Tofu Soup

Ramen Nagi is one of the best ramen restaurants in the Philippines. Located at SM Aura Fort Philippines. Maybe you are asking is ramen healthy? Well, eating Ramen will make you fat for they are very high in fat for noodles and in sodium. Lots of Fat + Sodium + Carbs – any Fiber = a pretty crappy meal. But wait, theres one in the menu that is healthy. Mapo Tofu soup is served in a hot stone bowl with a sticky soup consistency. Yes its healthy because of the tofu but beware of the sodium content so to make it more healthy reduce sodium content by asking the waiter to make it less salty. 

Mapo Tofu Soup
Mapo Tofu Soup


Mixed fruits with Jellies

Looking for some dessert treat is not sin for those who are dieting or to those people who are just eating healthy and clean. My trick? Is to eat fruit and make it as your dessert. But to some ,eating the fruit alone is considered dieting or you will feel pitty to yourself because everyone can eat a delicious dessert but not you.  And so lets put a twist on our regular fruit and make it as a healthy dessert.

I like the combination of the jackfruit and kiwi. It’s sweet and tangy and the blanch taste of the gelatin, balances the taste palette for us not to crave for more.

(Option is to add your 3rd fruit which is not a high sugary fruits)  example green apple. Why? As I’ve said for us not to crave for more sugary foods:)

200g of sugar free jello

1/4 cup jackfruit

1pc kiwi

1cup skim milk (optional)

(best served chilled)



Healthy Onigiri

Iam not a chef but I can make my own healthy Onigiri. So what is onigiri?

It’s is also known as o-musubi or rice ball made from white rice formed into shapes and often wrapped in nori.


1/2cup of black rice(uncooked)

1/2cup of Japanese rice (uncooked)

1 tablespoon sesame oil

1tablespoon sesame seeds

1 tablespoon tuna

1/8cup mixed carrots and cucumber

1 pc nori sheet


Mixed the black rice and the Japanese rice and put into a boil for 20-30 minutes. Once done set aside and let it cool for 20-30 minutes.

Step 2

measure 1 cup of rice  and mix in the sesame oil and seed and salt for seasoning.

step 3 portion the seasoned rice in half and make a dome shape like rice

step 4

put in the mixed vegetables inside and tuna then get the other half mixed rice and mold them together to make a rice ball.

Step 5

wrapped the rice ball in a nori sheet and have fun designing your rice balls 🙂

servings: 2pcs small nogiri







Author: Barbie Lee

Taking the confusion out of makeup and how to apply makeup for everyday life. I will try and answer the common issues – How to wear makeup, Makeup tutorial, make up help, beauty, how to put makeup, and others.

Taking the confusion out of makeup and how to apply makeup for everyday life. I will try and answer the common issues - How to wear makeup, Makeup tutorial, make up help, beauty, how to put makeup, and others.

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