When it comes to stylish workout clothes, Nike and Adidas always comes 1st in our mind. But splurging for workout clothes is fine but sometimes you’ll feel that spending a lot for something that will only get sweaty is too much. You want to look for an alternative brand which has the same style, fun designs and quality.

Zunic Accutone

And so I decided to try Zunics accutone treatment. They will give you a 10-15 minutes of trial of the machine and 30 minutes for the other ones. In the case of their other machines, you can see results so fast in just a 30 minutes. So cool! And that’s what happened to me. I availed the program that the PT told me. 10 sessions of the nuvosonic which melts the stubborn fat inside with free 3 or 5 sessions of Zunic accutone. (I’ll do a review on the other treatment next time)