Here is my 7 easy steps to great makeup. Once you learn the basics, applying makeup isn’t as daunting as it seems when you’re standing in the midst of a makeup aisle. There are many easy makeup tricks that the experts know and we’re sharing with you. Get these basics down, and you’ll perfect a daytime and night-time look.

When it comes to stylish workout clothes, Nike and Adidas always comes 1st in our mind. But splurging for workout clothes is fine but sometimes you’ll feel that spending a lot for something that will only get sweaty is too much. You want to look for an alternative brand which has the same style, fun designs and quality.

Every time we get a new polish from a salon, we immediately want to show it off. Yes immediately because we know that it wont last. After a couple of days we see cracks and chips. After a week it gets unsightly and we need to go back to the salon to have our nails done and spend son $$$ again. But With a little effort you can manicure your own nails to get your hands back into tip top shape and ready for showing off everything from classic polish to french tip nail.