Sugar cravings? This is the perfect solution for you!! #sugarfree #mints #swissproduct #blogger #beautyblogging #beautyblogger #tips #diet

Sugar cravings? This is the perfect solution for you!! #sugarfree #mints #swissproduct #blogger #beautyblogging #beautyblogger #tips #diet


There’s no reason not to workout if you are bloated! #pms #womenproblems #workout #push #icandothis #happy #philippines #planaforma #juliesclass

There's no reason not to workout if you are bloated! #pms #womenproblems #workout #push #icandothis #happy #philippines #planaforma #juliesclass


Award winning products just arrived!!! Can’t wait to make a review on them and share It to you people:) #dior #naked #naked2 #benefit #benefitrealmascara #sephora #makeup #blogger #beautyblogging #beautyblogger

Award winning products just arrived!!! Can't wait to make a review on them and share It to you people:) #dior #naked #naked2 #benefit #benefitrealmascara #sephora #makeup #blogger #beautyblogging #beautyblogger


Waxing vs Shaving

My friend went to this gorgeous nail salon (Nail Files salon @Rada Makati) that offers waxing as well. She decided to get her arms waxed and its her first time to have an arm hair removal and my first to witness how its done. So I documented every step:

Step 1 Answering this questionnaire will know if you are a candidate for waxing


Step 2 Pre-Base lotion should be put before the waxing session starts


Step3 Testing the temperature of the hot wax on your skin.



Step 4 If the hot temperature is bearable then lets start


Step 5 Using a disposable waxing paper cloth to remove the wax


Step 6 Putting a cleanser to remove post-wax residue from skin


The result? ……

Before and After



SO which is better? WAXING or SHAVING

I noticed that hot wax didn’t leave any red marks on her sensitive skin. Having a fair skin redness is easily can be seen. This is my first time to witness arm waxing and I can say that it is a success:-)

That’s one of the biggest questions as far as unwanted hair removal is concerned. Unwanted hair growth is a constant point of worry and concern for many and there is always a debate of what is the right way to get rid of it. Here is a list of pros and cons of waxing and shaving, two of the most common methods adopted by women for hair removal:

Waxing vs Shaving



  • It removes hair from the root which results in hair-free skin for weeks
  • It leaves the skin feeling soft even if you touch it against the hair growth side
  • It is more long lasting than shaving
  • It will eventually reduce hair growth
  • It is a pain-free and quick way to get rid of unwanted hair
  • You can do it yourself at home or anywhere, without any assistance
  • It is cheap as razors are not expensive
  • Shaving comes in handy during a beauty emergency when you don’t have time to go to a salon
  • It is a painful procedure and waxing time and again may make the skin loose
  • If you have sensitive skin, waxing can cause redness and boils
  • If the hair is too fine, then waxing does not help. It works best on full grown hair
  • It is quite hard for you to DIY waxing and so go to a salon


  • It can irritate the skin and leave it feeling dry and itchy
  • It is a very temporary solution and depending on one’s hair growth, you will have to shave very frequently
  • It can result in a lot of undergrowth, where the hair grows inside the skin and leaves a black mark on the outside
  • Shaving may result in thicker and darker-looking hair growth
  • You can feel the hard hair growth if you touch against the hair growth side
Things to keep in mind
  • Make sure the salon uses disposable waxing strips
  • The wax should be hot but not too hot that it burns your skin


  • Moisturize the skin after shaving
  • Do not go out in extreme heat immediately as it may further irritate the skin
  • If using a disposable razor, do not use it more than once or twice
  • Use only your own razor

Gel like nails that will last up to 2 weeks! #nofilter #favoritepolish #nailpolish #red #diy #happy #blogger #beautyblogger #spottedbybarbie

Gel like nails that will last up to 2 weeks! #nofilter #favoritepolish #nailpolish #red #diy #happy #blogger #beautyblogger #spottedbybarbie


Want to have a long wearing makeup the whole day? #spottedbybarbie #blogpost #blogger #beautyblogging #blog #philippines #makeupaddict #makeuptip #longwearingmakeup #barbieleetips

Want to have a long wearing makeup the whole day? #spottedbybarbie #blogpost #blogger #beautyblogging #blog #philippines #makeupaddict #makeuptip #longwearingmakeup #barbieleetips


Another weight lost secret to share people #diet #happy #helathyliving #yummy #cereal #philippines #weightlostsuccesful

Another weight lost secret to share people #diet #happy #helathyliving #yummy #cereal #philippines #weightlostsuccesful

How To: Prolong your Makeup

How To: Prolong your Makeup

To prolong your makeup and make the best out of it you need a a Solid makeup base. Especially for those super busy day at work and to keep your perfect game day glowing all day long.  For those of you who just like to wear and not care about the longevity of their makeup then its just like building a house without any FOUNDATION and roof to protect you from harmful UV rays.

Here are some tips that you will find useful when applying foundation.

  • Tip #1 – Choose what type of product to use. Majority of Filipinos have oily skin. If you have oily skin, stay away from any oil based foundation or in fact stay way from any oil based product. Instead buy an oil free skin care line .


  • Tip #2 - Its all in the base First, I always use a non oil based primer. Here I used Shu Uemura UV Underbase Mousse in SPF 30+This is not only a primer but a corrector as well to brighten up my skin. This will allow makeup products to evenly stick to your skin.
Shu Uemuera Uv Under Base Mousse

1363849452UVUBM_JP_CAN50g_pink -Big










  • Tip #3 if you have big pores like me you can use Benefit PORE fessional  to get that super flawless and pore less look. The texture of this product very velvety and matte & and will *slightly* blur your pores.



  • Tip #4 For those days when you have noticeable blemishes, patch it up with tinted moisturizers like the BB creams or CC creams. And because I have this minimal peeling  from using Obagi, I used a tinted moisturizer like the Chanel CC cream broad spectrum SPF 30 to hydrate and protect my skin while providing seamless coverage._9302850


  • Tip #5 To conceal the unwanted dark circles and spots!  I used MAC studio finish concealer NW20 with pink undertones. This will serve as a concealer and  brightener up your eyes as well.


MAC studio concealer (NW 20)

Tip #6 Then I put a bit of CC cream on the edges of the concealer for that natural blended look.


Tip #7 Seal in the makeup with a lightweight powder. Here I used Le Blanc WHITENING COMPACT FOUNDATION SPF 25  The soft and supple texture of the powder melts onto the skin to instantly hide any irregularities of the complexion and skin’s surface.


Then you can apply makeup. May it be shadows, contour, lips, or brows . I assure you that a solid base  your make-up will last longer.

 If you have any question feel free to hit he comments.


Happy National Kale day!! Yum yum my, favorite #healthy #natinalkaleday #october22014 #1022014 #kale #philippines #saladtime

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