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Women all love pampering. And pampering for women does not mean just a beautiful face or a great shape because they always wish to reach the perfect beauty and they like it when someone thinks they are top-to-toe pretty girls.


If a man say: “when I first meet a girl, I am interested in her beautiful fingers’ nails“, it means that he loves a girl who is neat, clean, careful and sexy. As nail is one of the most important parts of woman’s beauty. These days, hand and foot care services at nail salon include hand massages, nail reshaping, cuticle removing, foot scrubs, foot soak, and nail coloring. Some nail salons offer packages for the brides and special events on special days.


Lucky for us there are a lot of nail salon in Manila. And because I’m nearer in Makati and so I decided to drop by at Nail Files Nail Salon (Makati) located at the Rada condominium. Nail Files Salon (the hand and foot spa) is everywhere. Can you believe it, having 19 branches all over the Philippines Yikes! As they’ve said their salon is very, relaxing and very affordable.

Nail Files



Services: Mani/Pedi, Gel nails, manicure, nail art, Paraffin, Waxing, scrub, foot massage, and others

Nail Files Services
Services: Mani/Pedi, Gel nails, manicure, nail art, Paraffin, Waxing, scrub, foot massage, and others .
Nail Files Location

Whether you are visiting for an afternoon of nail care treatments or just to have a fresh nail polish done, you will be served by our experienced nail professionals. They provide a selection of nail care services and use the highest quality products in our treatments.

Nail Files Salon is designed in a way to make every girl feel at home. It represents timeless beauty and fun that they emulate in the service they provide.


Review: I really love the over whole look of the salon. Well I have talked to the owner and she said it depends on the nail salon owner on what colour she choose for her shop. I’m in love with the store, I love purples:-) I also find their interior designed wall perfect! Oh, those foot designed at the wall are so adorable:-)


Eating Healthy is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!

I repeatedly gained and lost weight over the years, and continued my bad eating habits. Over time, I reached a point where I gained weight that I started having depressions. I had reached a pit and I had to do something.

385270_2620966444636_1999135322_n IMG_6980

I diet but I eat to live a longer and more productive and healthy life.

How I Did It

I reached my ideal weight by eating healthy and exercising. There was no magic solution. I tried several diet and I could not maintain it. I finally settled by just being selective of what I eat. Now I am eating healthy my diet is composed of mostly fish, fruits and vegetables, so that I felt full on fewer calories. I was no longer hungry all the time. I stopped eating processed foods, and I threw out all the junk food from my house.

Maintaining the Weight Loss

I work my good habits into every day life. I often go out with friends and the places we go out to don’t normally offer healthful food choices, often right next to the fried chicken and bacon. It is possible to stick to a healthy program while not being too picky. It’s all about personal responsibility and personal choice — making the healthy choices, not the bad ones. By being selective of what i eat, I can eat a wide variety of dishes.

Here are some dishes that are really tasty that you wont believe that its good for our body:

Carb free Tuna Pasta

We all have serious love affair with pasta. Unfortunately, we rarely eat it like the Italians do—in small portions with light sauces—but in dinner plate–sized piles swimming in creamy or high-fat sauce. And the calories add up, sometimes to almost a full day’s worth, not to mention the off-the-chart amounts of sat fat and sodium many contain. And now I will show you a tasty super low in calorie tuna pasta.

Ingredients for Carb free Tuna Pasta :

  • cauliflower ( avoid for blood type O)
  • avoid garlic  ( avoid for blood type O)
  • 1/4 teaspoon of ginger powder
  • 1/2 can century tuna hot and spicy (56g) drained
  • 1/2 packet miracle noodles (you can buy these from healthy options)
  • 1 cup chopsuey

In a pan put the tuna  then the miracle noodles and chop suey. Lastly put a bit of ginger powder then stir. Cooking time (3 minutes)

Carb free Tuna Pasta
Carb free Tuna Pasta


Mapo Tofu Soup

Ramen Nagi is one of the best ramen restaurants in the Philippines. Located at SM Aura Fort Philippines. Maybe you are asking is ramen healthy? Well, eating Ramen will make you fat for they are very high in fat for noodles and in sodium. Lots of Fat + Sodium + Carbs - any Fiber = a pretty crappy meal. But wait, theres one in the menu that is healthy. Mapo Tofu soup is served in a hot stone bowl with a sticky soup consistency. Yes its healthy because of the tofu but beware of the sodium content so to make it more healthy reduce sodium content by asking the waiter to make it less salty. 

Mapo Tofu Soup
Mapo Tofu Soup


face acne map

Acne Face Map | Meaning of Pimple on Your Face

The picture below is a Chinese Acne Face Map wherein its shows different parts of the face and their corresponding internal organ. The Chinese believe there is a Meaning behind the Pimple on Your Face. It is believed that you can tell a lot about the health of your body by just simply looking at your face.

Chinese Acne Face Map
Chinese Acne Face Map

But when it comes to breakouts, we all know that pimple can be sign of emotional stress OR can also be a problem with an organ in the body. Check the picture below to know or check which organ might be affected.

Barbie Lee's Acne Face Map
Barbie Lee’s Acne Face Map

What those spots are saying???

Acne is a problem that seems to come with the arrival of summer. In summer, many people find red pimples popping up on their face. TCM recommends adjusting imbalanced energy inside instead of squeezing. The pimples, sometimes, may suggest organ problems that need treatment.

Face Acne (pimple) are normally caused by excess of oil rising through pores to the skin’s surface, especially in the T-zone – the forehead, nose and chin.

However, Its an important note that problems on the skin may be also caused by external factors rather than just solely being due to an issue with one of your organs.

  • Touching the face with dirty hands
  • Allergic reaction to skin care products (for some)
  • Cheek kissing with another person
  • Eating too much fried foods
  • change in weather

How to clip on hair extension | By D&V

Hair extensions!! Are everywhere!! It is used not only by celebrities and models but also by common people. It’s a great way to add volume and length to your hair to achieve that Victoria’s Secret model look especially for big events.

I have been using hair extension since 2009 when I started doing modeling and even up to now I still love wearing extensions.  Even though I already have long hair. I’ve tried different brands and Now I’m sharing my favorite hair extensions that will guarantee you a 100% satisfaction.

Did you know that there are so many types of hair extensions, applications and methods that are available on the market today that it can seem overwhelming. The popular hair extensions here in the Philippines are:

  1. Ring bind
  2. Tape in
  3. Clip-ons

I have tried all kinds and brands of hair extension. Ring bind hair extensions gave my hair a disaster! I remembered at first it was pretty, it gave the volume that I want but as weeks go by and my hair is already starting to grow out, I super had a hard time in managing my top hair or the parts where the ring is bonded into my hair.

I also tried tape-in hair extension. It is very easy to apply and looks very natural when wearing it. But I had problems removing it. When I use strong adhesive it sticks too much that it’s very painful to remove. Sometimes it breaks some of my hair strands. When I use a less adhesive tape the hair extensions tends to fall or misplaced due to our humid and hot weather.

I will only recommend using clip-on hair extensions. They are very easy to apply and easy to remove as well. And so without any further ado I’ll share to you my favorite brand of hair extensions (D&V Hairpieces) and a quick review on it. D&V Hairpieces is an exclusive brand offering luxury lines of clip-on hair extensions, expertly crafted from 100% human hair to attain the authentic effect of naturally full and silky locks.

Thanks for reading my blog hopefully I was able to help you answer the common issues on make up – How to wear makeup, Makeup tutorial, make up help, beauty, how to put makeup, make-up review. If you have question please hit me up on my facebook account or put your comments and I will try to get back to you. TIA and watch out for my next post.



5 Tips | Bronzer for fair skin

5 Tips | Bronzer for fair skin

Summer is finally here, tanned and sun-kissed look are the must this season. A touch of sun brings a warm radiance to the skin. And one way to have a tanned and sun kissed look without getting boiling under the sun is by using bronzers for fair skin. It creates a sun-kissed look without exposing skin to the ultraviolet rays that contribute to premature signs of aging. When it is applied properly, bronzer creates flattering definition and imparts a healthy glow. However, it is one of the trickiest cosmetics to apply naturally and subtly. Common bronzer mistakes include leaving a sharp line of color at the jawline, going too dark, and using the wrong shade.

For those have light skin like mine, finding bronzers are is tricky. I suggest you start out with MAC guide (NC20). You will not be able to get the right shade at first so I suggest you girls to do a non-stop search on the shades that works on your skin tone well. You do not want to buy a bronzer too dark away from your natural shade; just a tad darker in color so it gives you that glow.

Here are some of my collection

NARS Laguna Bronzer


Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess


MAC Temperature is rising


10308196_10203681464218345_468455586327650682_n copy10308196_10203681464218345_468455586327650682_n copy


My first ever bronzer is the popular Nars Laguna Bronzer that I bought Summer of 2011 and as you can see the packaging is already worn out. Aside from being my oldest bronzers all of the packaging of Nars are rubberized and matte in finish. This product lasted me for almost 2 years upto the point that I was so in love with Nars Laguna and even use it on winter days as my contour. Next purchase is the Temperatue is rising in shade “Soft Sand” and one of the lightest shade in their line. I bought it last summer 2013. I just love how subtle the bronze color of the “Soft Sand” without even a hint of wearing a bronzer. I use this product usually when I do a no makeup-makeup look and korean makeup. And base on korean makeup look you can really never tell that they use bronzer or contouring powder to contour their face. Last but not the least is my newest baby whch is the Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder in “Light” which I bought recently Summer of 2014. Estee Lauder recently released its Bronze Goddess Collection for 2013 and thank God they re-create this collection again this year.  The reason I bought this product is that not only the packaging s beautiful and a limited edition by Estee Lauder but money wise and that’s why its always sold out in all make-up stores.  For a 7.6 grams of product and retails for 3000 pesos in Rustan’s, this is a one hell of a somewhat investment and at the same time cheap bronzers. 


Bronzer swatch (heavy application)

10308580_10203775022957255_6892078308557415283_n copy

Bronzer Swatch (Blended application)

10313374_10203775021037207_8579805999230388200_n copy

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in “Light”

  •  -Limited Edition
  • -Lightest shade
  • -Red undertones
  • -3000 pesos for (21g/0.74oz)

Review: This is a  true bronze color, for it has red undertones. It will just leaves your skin looking a little sun kissed but not weird.  It gives your face a nice warmth to it especially with me who has fair skin. And  the packaging is really nice. There is a lot of product but the price is high. This product is one of their best selling product so when I heard its available, with no second thoughts I grabbed it right away. I bought this at Rustans Department store(Shangrilla). Ilove wearing this during summer or when Im at the beach. 

Here I am using the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess “light”


Nars Laguna Bronzer

  • - best seller
  • - Yellow undertones
  • -1900 pesos .028oz


This is my first ever bronzer and a lot of people are raving about this product. With .028 oz this product will  really last you for a along time. Its very pigmented as well like Estee Lauder so just a bit of swirl in the brush and your good to go. I can say that Nars Laguna bronzer has a yellow undertones into it. I like to use it more as a contour that bronzer for bronzing can look a little ood and muddy on me. This is still my top choice coz this is the only bronzer that works all year round.

Here I am using the NARS Laguna Bronzer (lightly brushed)



 MAC Temperature is Rising “Soft Sand”

-Summer collection 2013

-Lightest shade

-1600 pesos


It is described as a “golden bronze with fine gold pearl.”It has yellow undertones. For me this is such a great color and would look fantastic on my skin tone! Only if I do a korean or light makeup look. Its so light in color that you need to swirl the brush several times just to give you that super light contoured look. Sometimes you need to scrape off the hard “coating” on top of the powder so that your brush can picked it up. Like what I did in the picture (below) just for you to see the actual color.  Nonetheless of its poor texture I really love the shade perfect for fair skin people.

Here I am using the MAC Temperature is Rising “Soft Sand”

mac 3

 5 Tips on putting a Bronzer:

  1. For the most natural effect, bronzer should be applied around the perimeter of the face, not just along the cheekbones.
  2. A sheer peach- or yellow-based bronzer is most flattering on fair skin.”
  3. Put bronzer on the hairline, temples, cheekbones, jawline
  4. Bronzer as contour use a dense brush or a contouring brush
  5. Bronzer as bronzer use a large fluffy or overall  powder brush




Smile Brilliant | Teeth Whitening

If you want to get a celebrity smile without the celebrity cost, then you came into the right place. 

I’ve done a whitening treatment service at a dental clinic and damn that costed me thousands of bucks. Plus the feeling of sitting for an hour to get it done without doing anything; well aside from taking pictures or video of myself for almost an hour makes it so boring. You know me I’m a human worm, I’m a very active person. Im not selling this product but  just want to share to my readers how effective this is that you can get the professional whitening of a dental clinic at your own home.

Introducing Smile Brilliant! Professional Teeth whitening Kit


About the company

Smile Brilliant is a national dental lab designed to help the customers receive professional strength teeth whitening without ever visiting a dentist. The lab was specifically created to curb the high cost of cosmetic teeth whitening that is charged at the dental offices around the world.

In short ladies if you are in a tight budget to have a celebrity like teeth then this is the solution for you.

The company was so nice to send me a package all the way from St. Louis to the Philippines just for me try their amazing product. Yes you heard it right, they do ship INTERNATIONALLY :-)

LED Teeth Whitening

The LED teeth whitening system by Smile Brilliant is perfect for those who want great tooth whitening results but are on a budget. Our LED system is competitively priced when compared to popular whitening strips sold at your local grocer; however, it is far more effective due to its 22% carbamide peroxide tooth whitening gel and high strength LED light which accelerates the whitening process. With hundreds of reviews available on the internet and thousands of satisfied customers, our LED teeth whitening system is a superior alternative to over-the-counter whitening products.LED teeth whitening system?

 Smile Brilliant Teeth whitening video review

So  if you are like me who easily get bored like sitting in a dentist chair and the treatment to be done, then this is the solution for you. Plus it wont cost you that much. And so without any further ado i will present my secret on having a whiter teeth and perfect for those busy scheduled woman like me.

Why I want a whiter teeth?

  1.  To boost self esteem
  2.  Makes a red lipstick so perfect when you have white teeth
  3.  It makes you a great kisser

Additional Tips to make that teeth more whiter:-)

1. Try to avoid eating colored foods or drinking juices for almost 1 week

2. Apply a cool toned lipstick to make your teeth look white especially for pictures.  Cool lipsticks have a blue undertone to them such as true pinks and apple red.

My favorite is by MAC Russian Red


Pls visit their website:


Thank you sand Hope you like my blog post:-)

10311053_10203771335545072_1012497257378745617_n copy

Belo SunExpert

Afraid of getting skin cancer? Well not to worry lades, I have the perfect solution for you. Introducing Belo Essentials Sun expert 184305_192860324080290_1412918_nOnly Belo SunExpert can protect your skin and make you shine under the sun

Summer temperature here in the Philippines usually hits 36-40 degrees Celsius. And OMG thats really hot! So hot that we might get to skin damage and skin cancer. The skin is the largest organ of the body.serves as a barrier to germs such as bacteria, and helps prevent fluid loss. The skin helps control body temperature and gets rid of certain body wastes; and so unprotected and or excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Picture below shows a sign of skin cancer.


The solution?

10294496_10203771333945032_6805595673882326102_n copy

The secret behind Belo SunExpert’s Cell Protect Formula are:



So when I went to Boracay I found their booth selling Belo Essentials sun expert products I dd-int even think twice on buying an another one even though I still haven’t emptied my 1st one.  I use the Belo SPF 40 face and the SPF 60 body. Plus I got lots of freebies pa.   1507039_10203771334505046_6267223672010253845_n copy


And a chance to get a photo op with their pretty Boracay mermaid (dyesebel) :-) 10308079_10203771335905081_3780811713898050726_n copy


Price:459.75 pesos (100ml)

texture: Non sticky and hypoallergenic

Scent: Scent free


As belo always say #stayyounginthesun.


Thank you for reading and have a wonderful summer to all of you :-)

Pls like Belo Essentials Sunexpert Facebook  page https://www.facebook.com/BeloSunExpert

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The Best Way to Store Your Makeup

Organizing Your Face: The Best Way to Store Your Makeup

The Best Way to Store Your Makeup

Every girl loves her makeup collection. You spend countless hours picking out things you can’t live without from beauty counters and drug stores, but when you get home, you throw your new products into a drawer with the rest of your giant stash. When you pull open your makeup drawer to get ready, you push all your makeup around, chipping your foundation bottle in the hunt for your darkest eyeliner and crushing an eye shadow pallet when you’re frantically looking for a lipstick. Does this sound familiar? It’s a common problem for most girls. And while you might think that losing a few lipsticks, eye shadows or liner sticks due to makeup clutter are just a few unavoidable casualties, you can easily avoid this problem if you know how to properly store your makeup.

The Best Way to Store Your Makeup

Best Way to Store Your Makeup

The importance of a good cosmetic organizer can’t be exaggerated. Properly storing your makeup will keep it from getting too hot or too cold, from being broken and will save you money in the long run since you don’t have to worry about broken makeup or losing items. There are a lot of options for makeup storage available. You can try soft, quilted cases, rolling carts, drawer organizers and endless other options. But the simplest, most effective storage tool tends to be a makeup train case. Train cases are foldable boxes that fold out when open, so you can access their multiple compartments, and fold in when closed. These rectangular cases are closed with a latch on top and many, like the ones available at thesalonoutlet.com even have locks, so you don’t have to worry about anyone taking your most prized lipstick! They’re even perfect for traveling. They usually come with an easy carrying handle, so you can just pick up your entire makeup collection and be on the go in no time, with all of your makeup at your disposal!


Ara Fernando

Sometimes you  just really need to have a good combination of a photographer and a makeup artist to have a good picture.

I had a photo shoot with Toppcock Philippines https://www.facebook.com/topp.cock?fref=ts

Miss Ara Fernando was the hired makeup-artist and Jay Tablante was their photographer. I’ve been friends with the famous Jay Tablante (known in cosplay shoots and FHM) and has been a friend of mine for almost 4 years now. I know how he works and never failed to give me bad pictures. Anyway, usually whenever there is a shoot I’m more interested with the makeup artist. I’m curious on how the makeup-artist or MUA for short, works. Is she good? Will she can make me beautiful? Well there’s only one way to find out.

My basis on rating a makeup artist if shes excellent, good or fair enough is on how she does the eyebrow makeup. That is what I always say to my friends. A good makeup artist does know how to make a good eyebrow.

I will show you my before makeup and the process on how I was transformed:-)

Before makeup. Darn I look like a kid:-)
Before makeup. Darn I look like a kid:-)

Here as you can see that she is doing my eyebrows and she did a good one! This is what Im telling you girls scroll down to see my verdict. She uses the Makeup forever Aqua Brow Gel


Miss Ara Fernando doing my hair. Very talented, she’s a makeup artist and a hairstylist as well :-)


Putting finishing touch to my hair, the best hair spray “Loreal Elnette ”


A quick picture before I face Jay Tablante’s camera

Ara Fernando with yours truly
Ara Fernando with yours truly

And here is a closer look  of her makeup. “SELFIE”



I really like the finish look! I love her makeup and even my boyfriend do like it too. He even asked me to re create this look on our next date but I still haven’t tried on doing it. But don’t’ worry girls, for sure I’ll make a video tutorial on my re-creation of Miss Ara’s makeup look on me then let me know how did it go:-)

T-Rex hates push-ups Women T-Shirts

Tips to find funny and nice t-shirts for girls

T-shirts have always had a special place in the hearts of individuals around the world. The clothing is comfortable, easy to wear, is perfect when you just want to lounge around and there are ways you can even dress up the shirt and wear it with your favorite outfit. Regardless of the kind of shirt you are looking for, it is possible to buy custom t-shirts and original t-shirts just about anywhere. There are extremely high-end designers that sell shirts for hundreds of dollars, but for these particular shirts, you really are just paying for the price. If you really must have Prada or Armani t-shirt, than there are options available to you. However, if you want something that is more original or even gives you funny t-shirts, there are other options available to you.

Teamwork Women T-Shirts
Teamwork Women T-Shirts

 Urban Outfitters is an excellent location if you are looking for shirts with a funny saying on it. These particular kinds of shirts are going to give you something that is different and unique, and the company has different shirts available throughout the year, so chances are, you are able to find a shirt that meets your style needs. From the particular cut and fit to the saying on the shirt, this clothing company offers designers from different shirt designers, so it makes for an excellent option when shopping around.

T-Rex hates push-ups Women T-Shirts

One option that you might not actually think of is Etsy. This website is home to thousands of independent designers that sell their own creative offerings. You can actually find some of the best and most unique styles of t-shirts right here. These shirts have the same quality, and often times for a better price. These clothing designers are looking to make into the world of fashion and they often want to give you the very best, which is why it is such a nice location to check out. Simply head over to the website and type in the kind of t-shirt you are looking for. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping a small business company grow and thrive.

For other shirt options, you can check out Spencer’s Gifts. This mall favorite also has a popular website online that is going to be chalk full of the latest slangs and funny sayings. Whether you are looking for a shirt for your young daughter or your mother, there is a saying that is sure to fit either of them. Best of all, the shirts are usually inexpensive, and while the shirts are not printed on the latest and most comfortable cotton from American Apparel or Alternative Apparel, you can still wear a comfortable shirt that is going to be perfect for your style needs.


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