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Check out what I bought last time at @manilasundance bazaar http://spottedbybarbie.com/just-for-fun/manila-sundance-event/#beautyblogger #happygirl #philippines #bloggers @vanillabreezeclothing @lovemanila @dominiquetiu


Everyone is raving a bought this high waisted shorts, now I know why:) and it was nice seeing my old friend who's their brand model/ambassador as well. @vanillabreezeclothing #vanillabreezeclothing #manilasundance #manilasundancebazaar #nofilter #philippines #ourchased #beauty #beautyblogger


Manila Sundance Event (September)

Last Friday Sept 5 I attended an another Manila Sundance Event held of course at one of the most popular tent when it comes to bazaars non other than “Metrotent” located at the back of Metrowalk, Ortigas Philippines. To beauty bloggers like me i really love going to those kind of bazaars to see the best selling online brands that can be seen in facebpok and most especially in IG or instagram.

Sorry If I only bought few items from the bazaar I run out of time. Because needed to attend a workout class. I walked through very aisle to see the all the brands then after its time to buy.

These are the items that I bought.

Necklaces are from the popular fashion Bloggers Dominique Tiu and Joanna Ladrido' s booth 
Necklaces are from the popular fashion Bloggers Dominique Tiu and Joanna Ladrido’ s booth


They are my favourite fashion bloggers. Not only they are pretty and so chick in their style but they are friendly as well:-)

Check out their fashion blog page

Dominiqe Tiu: http://www.konichiwear.com

Joanna Ladrido: http://www.joannaladrido.com

Lipstick Organizer is from Love Manila
Lipstick Organizer is from Love Manila

Its my second time to buy in their shop. Love how affordable their products are. They are known in selling US branded makeups


Tribal Highwaisted shorts from Vanilla Breeze Clothing
Tribal Highwaisted shorts from Vanilla Breeze Clothing

Great to see my old co model/friend Joanna @Vanilla Breeze Clothing boutique. She is the brand model :-) Vanilla Breeze is known for selling beautifully designed high waisted shorts.

Pls check out their Facebook online shop. They ship worldwide.



Look What I've got from this years moon cake festival!!! #happygirl #luckyhands #mooncake2014 #philippines #lucky #chinese #thankyou


Went to MANILA Sundance bazaar :) check out what items did I buy in my blog site #happygirl #manilasundance #shopping #philippines #bloggers


With only 107 calories! This is the perfect salad for me :) posted on my blog site are delicious and low calorie foods:) #nofilter #happy #healthyliving


Nail Files | Nail Salon | Makati

Women all love pampering. And pampering for women does not mean just a beautiful face or a great shape because they always wish to reach the perfect beauty and they like it when someone thinks they are top-to-toe pretty girls.


If a man say: “when I first meet a girl, I am interested in her beautiful fingers’ nails“, it means that he loves a girl who is neat, clean, careful and sexy. As nail is one of the most important parts of woman’s beauty. These days, hand and foot care services at nail salon include hand massages, nail reshaping, cuticle removing, foot scrubs, foot soak, and nail coloring. Some nail salons offer packages for the brides and special events on special days.


Lucky for us there are a lot of nail salon in Manila. And because I’m nearer in Makati and so I decided to drop by at Nail Files Nail Salon (Makati) located at the Rada condominium. Nail Files Salon (the hand and foot spa) is everywhere. Can you believe it, having 19 branches all over the Philippines Yikes! As they’ve said their salon is very, relaxing and very affordable.

Nail Files



Services: Mani/Pedi, Gel nails, manicure, nail art, Paraffin, Waxing, scrub, foot massage, and others

Nail Files Services
Services: Mani/Pedi, Gel nails, manicure, nail art, Paraffin, Waxing, scrub, foot massage, and others .
Nail Files Location

Whether you are visiting for an afternoon of nail care treatments or just to have a fresh nail polish done, you will be served by our experienced nail professionals. They provide a selection of nail care services and use the highest quality products in our treatments.

Nail Files Salon is designed in a way to make every girl feel at home. It represents timeless beauty and fun that they emulate in the service they provide.


Review: I really love the over whole look of the salon. Well I have talked to the owner and she said it depends on the nail salon owner on what colour she choose for her shop. I’m in love with the store, I love purples:-) I also find their interior designed wall perfect! Oh, those foot designed at the wall are so adorable:-)

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